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    Rumblings: Clubs Notified that Draft Pick Compensation to be Dropped in Upcoming CBA

    28th August 2006

    Ken Davidoff of Newsday reported just over a week ago that teams may no longer receive draft picks as compensation for free agents who leave as part of the upcoming CBA.

    Now comes word through sources that all the clubs have been notified that this indeed will be the case as both the Players Association and MLB have come to terms on the matter.

    This would explain, in part, why Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Lee have been on the trading block. Both the Nationals and Rangers have been hot to try and get something for these two players before free agency forces both clubs to possibly walk away without anything for these two top players that were not dealt at the trading deadline.
    Stay tuned.

    One Response to “Rumblings: Clubs Notified that Draft Pick Compensation to be Dropped in Upcoming CBA”

    1. Nykav Says:

      Hey Maury,

      How far in advance were the clubs notified that this would probably change? It could have had a big impact even on their 2006 pre-season decisions. I guess it was known that it was under discussion based on the previous talks, but knowing that it might change is something different than being relatively sure.