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    HOK Renderings of Nationals Ballpark Design

    14th March 2006

    Below are a smattering of renderings for the new Nationals ballpark design from HOK. These are the initial images I have access to, but more should be made available over the course of the day. When these become available, I will update this posting. Click on these images to see a larger version (courtesy HOK):


    15 Responses to “HOK Renderings of Nationals Ballpark Design”

    1. Greg Pawson Says:

      Maury – I think you meant to put this into this mix, rather than having two views from the northeast (?).

      SE View
      Nice looking stadium, definitely not Camden Yards retro which DC fans will appreciate.

    2. maury Says:

      Yeah, thanks on that Greg. Fixed.

    3. maury Says:

      Here is the press release from the DCSEC (PDF)

    4. neildemause Says:

      Looks like a suburban office park to me. And you can definitely see where the upper deck is 21 feet higher than at RFK, as the City Paper reported a while back.

    5. maury Says:

      If not for a scheduling conflict, I would have been interviewing the principle architect, Earl Santee, today. I’m going back and forth with PR at HOK to try and get tomorrow locked in.

      Many questions regarding the design.

    6. mortonjr Says:

      I am surprised the ballpark does not connect with the water. It would ad a nice touch. I am not that impressed.

    7. neildemause Says:

      I noticed the no-river-view thing as well. Odd, since you’d think they could have just stuck the double-decked OF seats in left rather than right, at least providing a view for some people down the 3B line.

      Things I do like about it: it’s open in the outfield, and at least they lowered the height of the upper-deck in the RF corner, where they don’t need a suite level. But those are common to pretty much all modern parks. So you basically have Citizens Bank Park, only with less brick – and the brick is the only nice thing about CBP.

    8. maury Says:

      The Washington Post has a Virtual Tour of the stadium online now.

    9. maury Says:

      Note that two new renderings have been added.

      One is an overhead of the Site Plan, with the other a color coded legend for the Plan.

    10. Andrew Says:

      We had enough hints about the design so that the renderings are not a big surprise, and overall I’m quite satisfied that it lives up to the uniqueness criterion. The shape of the outfield is certainly interesting, with minimal quirky contrivances and a nice design fit to the surrounding street grid. Based on the stone and glass construction materials, and the curved grandstand shape which is much like Cincinnati, I propose the following name: “Great National(s) Ballpark.”

    11. maury Says:

      New image added. View looking in from centerfield plaza.

    12. maury Says:

      Interviewed Earl Santee from HOK today for about an hour (and this was with him telling me questions on the new Mets and Yankees stadium designs were off-limits per those clients).

      Nationals facility was discussed more than a little. Too much to remember at this time. Look for it on Business of Baseball.com shortly.

    13. maury Says:

      Crosssection image added

    14. maury Says:

      Several new images from HOK today.

    15. The Baseball Journals » Blog Archive » MLB Owned Club for 1,621 Days - Now What Do the Nationals Do? Says:

      […] It should be noted for all of those that have noticed that the new structures are floors taller than the original renderings of the structures that are outlined in the original HOK renderings (to see all of them in detail, you can do so here). […]