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    Hank Steinbrenner, Levine, Selig, Others… Quotes on MLB’s Salary Cap

    9th November 2009

    Some of the most popular material that I (here, here, here, and here), or others such as Pete Toms and Matthew Coller at the Business of Sports Network have covered has been on salary caps in sports, namely, MLB’s.

    I’m against it for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel that some other method of restraining high spenders (namely, the Yankees) can’t be done outside of a hard cap system (see Reasons for Not Having a Salary Cap in MLB are Numerous).

    But, what are others saying? Here’s a handful of quotes:

    “Having the largest payroll doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to win. We’ve seen that time and time again. Thankfully, we had some payroll come off of our books, and we were able to use that money, make some good decisions, and get players who were able to improve our team.” – Hal Steinbrenner

    “If we start getting refunds from the [luxury tax and revenue-sharing] checks we’ve been writing, then we’ll take those kind of complaints seriously.” – Yankees President Randy Levine

    “We’ve have more competitive balance than at any other point in our history,” he said. “I’m not in the least bit concerned [about the need for a salary cap].” – Commissioner Selig

    “At the rate the Yankees are going, I’m not sure anyone can compete with them. Frankly, the sport might need a salary cap.” – Brewers owner, Mark Attanasio

    “It might be convenient to look at the huge increase in overall revenue and say that the game isn’t broke and it doesn’t really need fixing, but the bottom line isn’t the only bottom line in this case. When you have one player making as much as a whole other team, something is seriously out of whack.” – Peter Schmuck, Baltimore Sun

    “And you know why baseball may never have a salary cap. The union has ceded so much lately with revenue sharing and drug testing that Selig won’t risk labor peace over a cap when the collective bargaining agreement expires in two years. And it’s not like salary caps have been cure-alls, given the background saber-rattling presently occurring in the NFL and NBA.” – Michael Hunt, NewsOK

    Maury BrownMaury Brown is the Founder and President of the Business of Sports Network, which includes The Biz of Baseball, The Biz of Football, The Biz of Basketball and The Biz of Hockey. He is available for hire or freelance. Brown’s full bio is here. He looks forward to your comments via email and can be contacted through the Business of Sports Network.

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    2 Responses to “Hank Steinbrenner, Levine, Selig, Others… Quotes on MLB’s Salary Cap”

    1. robert krawczyk Says:

      Disagree with Selig, agree with Attanasio

    2. maury Says:

      I thought Michael Hunt said it best. As I said in the article, while there are issues with putting a hard cap in place, it doesn’t mean that you can’t set into motion methods to restrain those that are out-pacing the majority of clubs.