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    Get the Feeling You’re Being Watched? Maury Brown’s Favorite Stops On the Web

    22nd March 2008

    My Favorite Resources

    I either got one heck of a compliment, or I am officially the poster child for OCD.

    Rob Neyer was talking of an article by my Baseball Prospectus colleague and newly found friend, Rany Jazayerli on, you guessed it, the Royals.

    Rany is going over 25 reasons why the Royals will be better next season, and when he got to Reason #10: The Money, he contacted me for some data for the article.

    Yes, I’m digressing here, but on Monday, Neyer wrote on his ESPN blog:

    Rany’s finally found his destiny, writing regularly and lengthily about his favorite team, all by himself (in addition to being a doctor and a father and writing for Baseball Prospectus; the guy’s got more energy than anybody I know this side of Maury Brown).

    So, knowing Rob, I’m guessing this is a compliment. Now, whether I’m a prodigious publisher of good content, is the question.

    If one wonders where my energy goes, well… you’re about to find out.

    Each day I hit the laptop just as early possible, and many times, it’s the last thing I’m tending to before the head hits the pillow (yes, I do have a life beyond this that is more important, like my understanding and beautiful wife, and two boys). In-between, I’m publishing the work you will find on the Business of Sports Network sites (see the images across the right for “The Biz of…”)

    When I am heads down researching or reading sports as entertainment the following is where I go.

    First off, all the sites on the Business of Sports Network are checked first, and with that, Bill Jordan gets massive props from me for pretty much running The Biz of Football.

    This listing is far from everything I hit in a given day (approx. 50 newspaper websites each day are not listed, as well as stops at the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL media-only sites multiple times a day), and I’m apologizing right now to those I miss and add in later.

    Here they are by my screwy categories, none of which are in a particular order. It all depends on the news of the day, and my OCD mood:

    Spanning the Globe
    My must stops daily, as they find what I miss

    Just The Facts
    News, and Nothing But

    Brain Power
    The places that really make me think

    Great Content, Period
    Reporting the news as it breaks, analysis, and more

    When Sports Is Entertainment
    Places where Sports and Entertainment Collide

    On Occasion, Let’s Discuss
    Places Where I Chat

    Don’t forget… Maury holds the right to add to this list as his memory gets jogged.



    Maury Brown

    Maury Brown is the Founder and President of the Business of Sports Network, which includes The Biz of Baseball, The Biz of Football, The Biz of Basketball and The Biz of Hockey. He is contributor to Baseball Prospectus, and is available as a freelance writer.

    Brown’s full bio is here. He looks forward to your comments via email and can be contacted through the Business of Sports Network.

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