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That Ringing In Your Ears is the 60-Cycle Hum

18th December 2012

The Original Music Gar?

Gear. For a musician, it’s the tools of the trade, and then some. Get heavily into it as a pro and you’ll preen and dream, lust and coddle, protect and improve on every last piece you own.

So, it seemed appropriate that functional art (and yes, that’s what I view guitars, basses, drums, and other assorted musical equipment), should get some treatment. Why not break down the beautiful essence of vintage collectable guitars? What’s the matter with basking in the glow of amp tubes? Who says that an old drum kit isn’t as cool today as it was the day it was manufactured? And better yet, why not look into players at the local and international level that use them?

For the musician (and especially guitarists), my renamed personal blog is something that you’ve all heard: that unplugged guitar cord, or an amp in a bar that needs a ground-lift. Yes, it’s that 60-cycle hum. But, in my head, that “hum” is the sound of sweet live music; that buzz that lives in breaths in clubs and venues. I hope you’ll return often.

To give you an idea of what future articles might be like, please see the following, and thanks, as always, for supporting live music!

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