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A 3-Part Series for Yahoo! Sports

23rd January 2010

They often tell you not to become a niche within a niche, but I can’t help it from Nov. to late Feb. That’s because it’s MLB salary arbitration season.

I have now become known as the “salary arb geek”, which strangely is okay by me. The process which is wholly unique to Major League Baseball so fascinates me due to its incredible weight that it places on how clubs structure payroll throughout the season.

For example, as of this posting, there are 31 players that have yet to reach agreements, or looking at it another way, 150 contracts that have been reached since mid-Nov. of last year for salary arbitration eligible players. Total salary cost (both single and multi-year agreements)? $543,520,002, or $336,970,002 for 2010. alone (see my updated tally running here)

To add to my obsessing over salary arbitration, I am doing a 3-part series for Yahoo! Sports, with the first one running this past Tuesday (see Evolution of salary arbitration: an ironic tale), part 2 running on Tuesday the 26th, and the final installment running shortly after the 21st of Feb. when salary arbitration is wrapped up for another year.

So, if you have your geek on, here’s some data I am tracking:



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